“In addition to our commitment to providing excellent IT services, we are passionate about supporting selected projects in the areas of sports, culture and education in Berlin.”

Premium partner of the

Berlin Recycling Volleys


We are sport enthusiastic volleyball fans and support the Berlin Recycling Volleys since 2011 as a premium partner.
Our company founder Bernd Paul has been cheering for Germany’s most renowned volleyball team since 2004. Led by his passion for the BR Volleys, we regularly cheer on the team at their matches in the Max-Schmeling-Halle in Berlin.


Calliope mini

We are committed to ensuring that the digital education for children begins in elementary school. To support the Calliope mini education project, we funded a class set of minicomputers for an elementary school in Kreuzberg, Berlin. The Calliope mini empowers children and teens to creatively engage with digital technologies while fostering skills that are increasingly important in today's society, such as problem-solving, resilience, collaboration, and critical use of technology and communication.

Friends and Sponsors of the Berlin State Ballet e.V.

We are committed to cultural diversity in Berlin. As an active member of the friends of the Berlin State Ballet, we support the finance of the health department, which tasks itself with enhancing the physiological and psychological health well-being of the dancers.


We volunteer as contact persons for the IRMGARD project of KOPF, HAND + FUSS gGmbH. The app IRMGARD promotes literacy among youth and adults, who learn to read write through the app.